To get started with Genesis Franchise Solutions, Inc., you would have to submit your contact information and we will contact you within a day or so.

Upon our initial contact we will ask you a series of detailed profile questions which assists us in identifying several franchise opportunities which match your requirements. Your goals and objectives and past experience will guide us to find you your perfect franchise opportunity. Many people spend months sorting through companies without ever finding an opportunity that has what they really want in a business.

Our second step is to match you with several franchise businesses that are highly reputable in their respective industries and will discuss these findings with you in depth. We highly encourage you to further research these franchise opportunities. We will schedule and prepare you for appointments to ensure you will be awarded the franchise of your choice.

We are compensated by the franchisors only when you follow through with your franchise business purchase. You will pay exactly the same published franchise fee and our service to you is free.

Below are a few sample questions that one of our professional advisors that contact you from GFS will be asking:

• Do you want to expand your business?

• Do you believe your existing business or business idea could be the next leading franchise?

• Have you ever owned a business of your own?

•What hours do you like to work?

•Where do you want your business to be located?

•How do you feel about managing people?

•How much capital do you have to start a business with?

•Will you have partners?

•Do you want to build multiple units?

•How soon do you want your business to open?

•Will you be involved on a full-time or part-time basis?



  • Do not wait anymore, begin your dream!
  • It has been estimated that 73% of the American workers dream of owning their own business. The reality is only 3% of them ever follow through and buy a business of their own.


Complete qualification and guidance throughout the process of finding you the right franchise business opportunity. Click here to get started!


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- Architecture
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